The most advanced
Open Source Mining Operating System


Download the OS archive with uTorrent, decompress and then flash .img boot image to a minimum 8GB USB thumb drive. Set token and worker in config file on thumb drive.


Boot rig from the USB thumb drive. No monitor, keyboard or mouse is necessary - all subsequent administration can be done from the website.


Minerstat OS will automatically configure and optimize itself to mine with your AMD and/or NVIDIA cards.


Minerstat OS updates itself automatically as new software and miner clients are released. (Optional, Autoupdate only on reboot from github repo)

Boots and mines

No need to install any drivers or manually adjust network settings.

Supports up to 16 GPUs

AMD and NVIDIA with voltage control

Remote Control

Web control panel with detailed rig statistics and charts. Remotely manage your pool, coin, miner preferences, etc..


The OS package size is less than 2GB and runs on an minimum 8GB (7.351GB capacity) USB thumb drive. Quick miner startup, low disk/cpu usage, and no drive space limitation issues.

Automatic Profit Switching

Minerstat OS can be configured on the website to dynamically switch between coins, always mining the most profitable coin based on rig hash rate and power consumption per algorithm, coin difficulty and market price.